Pan-African Forum on Climate Financing

A Pan-African forum that brought together National Designated Authorities (NDAs) from 23 countries participating in the Pan-African Readiness led by the Africa Adaptation Initiative (AAI) was held from 23rd to 25th May in Lomé, Togo.

Speaking during the event, Togolese Minister of Environment & Forest Resources, H.E. Foli-Bazi Katari, stated that the impacts of climate change were no longer in theory but were felt by his people and millions of others in the continent. "I am proud to see African institutions and all technical and financial partners such as the Africa Adaptation Initiative, the Adaptation of African Agriculture, and Sustainable Solutions for Africa leading efforts to mobilize resources for our continent, I dare expect that the results from this programme will constitute a new beginning for our countries", he added.

The forum aimed to define strategies for better access to climate financing in African states.