Photo credits: ©FAO/Levy Bouassa & Geshril Mengome


National Focal Point

  • Présidence de la République  (Presidency of the Republic)

National Strategic Documents and Timeframe

Current and Planned Adaptation Efforts

The NDC sets out that Gabon’s vision for adaptation is to integrate the adaptation component of the NDC into a framework based on the country’s development strategy. It provides that Gabon has developed a National Strategy for Adaptation of the Coastline. This involves:

  • the development of the coastal urban environment
  • the promotion of income-generating activities related to marine and coastal ecosystems
  • mangrove conservation for the protection of the coastline
  • the protection of species
  • the establishment of specific facilities for the reception and management of waste
  • the monitoring of nesting turtles
  • the creation of a coastal observatory
  • protection of the coast by physical barriers and bank rehabilitation works

Synergies with Disaster Risk Reduction Efforts

The adaptation measures set out in the NDC have some synergies with disaster risk reduction efforts, for example, the protection of the coast by physical barriers and bank rehabilitation works in Libreville and Port-Gentil.

Requirements for Additional Planning, Financial and Technical Capacities

The NDC includes a section on how to finance mitigation and adaptation measures, which explains that the Sustainable Development Orientation Act provides for the establishment of a National Fund for Sustainable development, which will channel and stimulate a portion of financial flows to Sustainable Development from: state budget, private investment, domestic market credit income, and donor inflows or loans of funds.