Photo: UNDP Algeria


National Focal Point

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

National Strategic Documents and Timeframe

  • NDC (2021 – 2030)
  • National Climate Plan
  • National Actions Plan for Environment and Sustainable Development
  • National system of Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV)
  • National Plan of Adaptation

National Institutional Arrangements

National Climate Committee: ensures coordination, monitoring and assessment of national policies and programs on climate change and proposes measures to guarantee the implementation of Algeria’s commitments in relation to the UNFCCC, international institutions and/or decisions on climate change issues.

Priorities and Needs

Algeria’s NDC emphasises Algeria’s vulnerability to climate change due to being affected by desertification and land degradation. It states that Algeria is facing extreme climate events recrudescence, which accentuates its vulnerability, noting that the recurrence of drought cycles, with longer durations, accelerates desertification. The NDC also highlights the flooding phenomenon that the country faces, referencing several regions that have witnessed tragic events resulting in heavy losses of human lives and considerable material damage.

Current and Planned Adaptation Efforts

Algeria’s NDC states its aim to develop a national plan of adaptation to the impacts of climate change in order to promote a more climate resilient economy. Specific adaptation measures that will be taken under this plan are:

  • Reinforcing the resilience of ecosystems in order to curtail the risks of natural disasters
  • Fighting against erosion and rehabilitate degraded lands to combat desertification
  • Integrating the impacts of climate change into sectoral strategies, particularly for agriculture, water management, public health and transport
  • Integrating the impacts of climate change on political stability and national security

Synergies with Disaster Risk Reduction Efforts

Algeria’s NDC states that priority will be given to the protection of the population and the preservation of natural resources and key infrastructure against the risk of extreme events. It’s national plan of adaptation aims to reinforce the ecosystem’s resilience to flooding and drought, in order to curtail the risks of natural disasters related to climate change.

Requirements for Additional Planning, Financial and Technical Capacities

Algeria’s NDC sets out that its adaptation measures require diversified international support, including financing, capacity building and technology transfer.

The adaptation measures outlined in the National Climate Plan include changes to the institutional and regulatory framework; reinforcing institutional and human capacities to combat climate change; capacity building with regard to extreme climate events management; and elaborating on regional and local plans for adaptation to climate change.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Algeria’s NDC includes plans to establish a national Measurement, Reporting and Verification system.